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Rapid Setting Cement - Rapidcas N20 is a special formulated sand/cement mix which is easy to use and trowel and designed to set hard in about 60 minutes. Rapidcas N20 is satisfactory for even the most arduous conditions e.g. open to traffic within 2 hours.

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Rapid Setting High Strength Cement. Rapidcas N20 is a specially formulated sand/cement mix which is easy to trowel and use which sets hard in 60 minutes.

Main Uses: 

  • Setting manhole frames and street furniture
  • Setting kerbstones
  • Setting handrails, posts and signs
  • Filling cracks and holes in walls and floors
  • Sealing joints in drains and pipes, cracks and repairs to ponds and pools (Fish stock should be protected by coating the repair with a suitable pool paint before re-filling)
  • Repairing damaged concrete, masonry, paths, steps, garage runways etc.
  • Grouting bolts and fixings
  • Sealing leaks in tunnels, dams, mines and other excavations
  • Work on sea defences between tides
  • Work in sub-zero temperatures e.g. cold stores.

RAPIDCAS N20 also meets the DOT directive for Roads and Bridges HD 27/94 VOL 7 Sec. 2: Mortars for bedding iron work such as manhole cover frames during repairs may be trafficked after 2 hours when the strength is expected to be 20 N/mm. 


For thick sections up to 50% by volume of aggregate may be added. All surfaces should be free of oil, grease and dust and should be dampened with a wet brush. Mix with clean cold water to give a stiff consistency. The water addition is approx. 150ml per 1 kg of powder. The working time is 10 minutes at 21oC. The lower the temperature the longer the setting time. Mix no more mortar than can be placed in the working time dependent upon temperature.  Apply the mortar mix immediately to the required area. 

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